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I generally like Flickr, and their latest, more photo-centric redesign was an improvement over their old site. But I noticed that when users go to browse flickr sets, if they're not logged in, every 4th or 5th image gets preceded by an ad. The whole experience is a bit jarring.

The Flickr terms of service allows you to embed your flickr images into third-party sites (like this blog!) as long as you also provide a link back to the flickr page. Unfortunately, the user interface for getting the links to share is a nightmare. You'd have to click into each page and fiddle with a tiny widget to copy/paste out HTML code for each image you want to share. If you want to share a whole set of images, that could be pretty cumbersome.

So tonight I wrote a little Python 3 script to automate that process. get-set <flickr set url> spits out some nice, simple HTML that you can drop into a web page or a markdown page.

I'm about to crash for the night. I'll clean up the code and put it on GitHub later. But here's a sample -- photos I took during my last visit to Iceland. :)

Easter Eggs

Apparently in Iceland, instead of chocolate bunnies you get chocolate easter eggs. And they're not completely hollow -- they're filled with candy. It's like a little delicious chocolate piñata. Mmm.

Awesome Cake

Heiðar's niece turned 7. She requested this cake. Love it!


There was some interesting weather during my visit. Small hail followed by rain and sunshine and snow.

Pizza Sauce

Why does it seem so wrong to me that the pizza sauce comes in a ketchup bottle?


I mostly took a picture of the door to remember when the barber shop opened. I was in dire need of a haircut.

Blue Lagoon

Heiðar shows off the lovely blue water at the Blue Lagoon.

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