Everyone who has a blog will tell you -- the point of having a blog is talking about having a blog! Or, in my case, the point of having a blog is to rewrite your entire blog back-end (seemingly) without changing anything on the front-end so nobody will notice. Because, what else are you going to do with your weekends?

So, yay! New blog hotness is here! Same as the old hotness! Only, now, instead of being a tangle of PHP I wrote myself, which required SSHing or git push to make a post, I'm using Python 3 and Django which gives me a webby interface for writing posts. And you will never see it. 😜 Oh, and I use Django AllAuth because passwords are so passé.

You might, however, see my new RSS feed. Or you might notice that I added HTTPS to my site. Only I'm a cheap bastard, so you'll just have to accept my self-signed cert.

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